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Steel mesh automatic welding forming machine (Henan Hanjian Heshan Pipe Gallery Development Co., Ltd.) production site

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The steel mesh automatic welding forming machine is a new type of steel mesh welding forming equipment jointly developed by our company and Beijing Hanjian Heshan Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
main feature:
    (1) The lower electrode holder is connected to the lower pressing beam, the upper and lower electrode holders are corresponding one by one, and the longitudinal and transverse reinforcing bars are welded between the two electrodes, and the welding procedure is automatically controlled by the computer; (2) the intermediate frequency inverter welding power source is adopted. DC welding, DC welding penetration is strong, effectively avoiding false welding and false welding. (3) Transmission of the rib fixing device, which solves the problem that the fixing stability of the hand is limited, and the swaying may occur during the cutting process, resulting in unevenness of the slit; (4) locating the limiting device to accurately position and fix the steel bar; The transfer device between the processes avoids manual handling.
In 2018, it won the second prize of “Subote Cup” China's concrete and cement products industry innovation patent number: ZL2017205445918, ZL2018203112962, ZL2018203181996, ZL2018203181977
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