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Supporting rib rolling machine

Radial extrusion pipe making machine
The “radial extrusion pipe making machine” jointly developed by Jiangsu Jiangyang Building Material Machinery Co., Ltd. and Yangzhou University has many advantages by digesting and absorbing the advanced technology of related equipment abroad, integrating the advantages and disadvantages of existing domestic products, improving and innovating. Independent products.
    1. It adopts automatic control, automatic monitoring and independent alarm; the whole machine has high intelligence and easy operation; 2. The assembly precision of the whole machine is high, real-time monitoring, fine materials, electro-hydraulic integration, safe operation and reliable transmission; 3. The noise is low when the whole machine is running, no waste slurry and waste water are discharged, and the production environment is good; 4. The total investment is small, only 2 sets of molds are required for each specification; the forklift is used for demoulding, and no need to input the vehicle; 5. The whole machine is produced. High efficiency, taking the production of φ600×2500mm reinforced concrete pipe as an example, it can be completed in about 2~3 minutes; the production cost is low, no steam curing is needed; 6. The whole production line uses less people, saves energy and reduces consumption; The compactness of the concrete is high, the socket size is accurate, and the end face of the die is flat.
Patent application number: 2018103552740, 2018207044659, 2018205992204
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