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Introduction of automatic reducer welding machine
Our company according to JC/T699-2012 product implementation standards and GB/T11836-2009 product supporting standards, and extensively listen to user suggestions, based on foreign advanced equipment, fully integrated with domestic market demand, successfully developed automatic reduction The steel frame rolling welder completely overcomes the shortcomings of the original rolling welder with low production specifications, high labor intensity, low production efficiency, large floor space, complicated operation, large splash, weak welding, high failure rate and low automation. Can produce diameter DN300-DN4000mm length within 4000mm, all kinds of flat mouth, tongue, socket, F-type manifold steel skeleton.
The machine consists of the main disc rotation, the push rib push ribs, the expansion mechanism movement and the welding mechanism follow the four-part drive system, which are driven by separate motors. The variable frequency proportional speed control system ensures the skeleton pitch and adjusts the motor speed ratio, which can change the size of the ring pitch. Adjust the position of the soldering station and the welding mechanism on the large plate to weld the steel pipe skeleton of different specifications.
This product adopts the stepless variable diameter structure of the chain. Compared with the traditional welding machine, the production efficiency is greatly improved and the labor intensity is greatly reduced. At the same time, the longitudinal rib adopts the push type feeding. Compared with the traditional pulling type, it is not necessary to manually fasten and manually unload each longitudinal rib. This product realizes quick unloading, and the production efficiency can be greatly improved. The guide rail of the pulling device saves operating space.
This product realizes the automatic return of the propulsion system after the welding is completed, no need to push back the manpower, save the waiting time, thereby improving production efficiency and reducing labor intensity.
This product adopts direct power supply from the welding transformer to the welded steel bar, no brush device, no need to replace the brush regularly and long-term maintenance, and has energy-saving effect.
This product adopts pneumatic plate type water-cooled electrode, which is pneumatically compacted and the pre-pressure is relatively constant. Compared with the spring pre-tightening, it has the characteristics of small electrode impact, small electrode wear and more stable solder joints, and the splash in the welding process is further reduced. The electrode life is further extended.
This product control system consists of PLC+ inverter + touch screen or commercial computer. The operation is simple and flexible, and powerful. To change the different specifications or set different pitches, just press the corresponding button on the console to adjust to the required size. The welding of the socket and the flat mouth can be completed automatically by adjusting the variable diameter zero or the variable diameter in-position stroke switch.
The welding transformer and the controllable silicon components are all water-cooled, reliable in use and longer in service life.
The traditional pull type welding machine needs to manually lock the longitudinal ribs of each longitudinal rib. When the welding is completed, each longitudinal rib is manually removed, and the effect is low, and the rolling welder produced by our factory can push the longitudinal ribs by the ribs. The disc is directly pushed out from the ribbed tube, and the first unloading is performed after welding, which saves operation time and improves work efficiency.
Our company HGZ series automatic reducer and seam welder has high degree of automation and stable performance, and can be specially designed according to user needs.
    The fiery heat of the large-diameter drain pipe market has increased the market demand for large-diameter roller welders. Our company has independently designed three-phase secondary rectification resistance welding technology with a transformer capacity of 150KVA, which can realize φ12 double-strands and winding. Full-water internal cooling three-phase secondary rectification resistance welding technology, energy saving, high speed (single rib welding more than 2 solder joints per second), high efficiency; replaceable electrode wheel welding, electrode wheel welding long service life, φ12 single rib The solder joint is more than 2 million points; the welding head adopts the patented technology of our company to ensure the long-term reliable operation of the equipment; (Patent No.: ZL201420360492.0)
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