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Φ3000 flexible mouth tube (Yunnan production site)

Introduction to core mold vibration pipe making equipment
Our company's core mold vibrating pipe making machine is designed with reference to foreign advanced equipment. The equipment is integrated with machine, electric, hydraulic and automatic control technology. In particular, the control aspect is advanced in the industry and has been well received by manufacturers. The equipment can produce concrete drainage pipes in various interface forms, with high production automation and high production efficiency; the process has unique advantages: vertical production, completely solves the problem of easy collapse of the annular hollow structure during horizontal production, and solves The problem of manufacturing flexible socket pipe socket; especially suitable for the production of large diameter or super large diameter pipe; each type requires only one set of mold, and immediately demoulding, high production efficiency; compact concrete structure, high degree of automation, workers Low labor intensity; natural conservation, greatly saving energy, low production cost, safe and reliable equipment; vibration frequency and excitation force of vibrators in equipment can be adjusted according to different specifications of production pipes, variable frequency and amplitude, adjustable The vibration excitation force ensures the quality of the pipes of different specifications and ensures the compactness of the concrete; the core mold vibration pipe making equipment produces concrete pipes and uses dry and hard concrete; the central vibrator is installed in the core mold, placed in the pit, and the pipe vibrates Immediately after molding, demoulding, natural conservation, reducing emissions and noise to the environment Pollution meets the requirements of environmental protection in modern industrial production, reduces production costs, and saves a lot of energy; the concrete pipe produced by the core mold vibration pipe making equipment has stable product quality, and the inner and outer diameters of the pipe are equally accurate. Pressure, the quality of the pipe is good.
A set of double-station host includes: 2 sets of mainframe fixed frame, 1 set of rotary cloth machine, 2 sets of internal mold vibrator, 2 sets of port rolling machine, 2 sets of drive motor base, 1 set of hydraulic system, 1 set of vibrator double station lubrication cooling system, 1 set of compressor cooling system, 1 set of electric control system, 1 set of instant video monitoring system and matching outer mold hanger and flip spreader.
The power of DN2400 double-station machine is 125.31KW, and the maximum working power is 77.71KW.
The power of DN3000 double-station machine is 146.31KW, and the maximum working power is 88.21KW.
The power of DN3600 double-station machine is 168.01KW, and the maximum working power is 99.41KW (can be used as box culvert).
The vibrator speed is adjustable from 2500 to 4000 rpm. The mechanical part eccentricity and eccentric weight are adjustable in more than ten steps, which fully meets the vibration compaction requirements of pipes from small to large. The main parts vibrators, work tables, rolling machines, distribution machines, internal and external molds, spreaders, etc. are all made of high-quality steel such as Baosteel and Maanshan. The transmission bearings of important parts such as vibrators are made of original brand SKF or NSK bearings. The other related parts are made of three major brands: Harbin, Luoyang and Wafangdian. Inverters, touch screens, and PLCs use enterprise products such as Delta. Motors, slewing bearings and electrical components are all purchased from domestic famous brand products or imported products.
Over the years, our company has followed the route to meet the needs of customers. From the practical considerations of customers, we have integrated the complete set of production technology into the manufacturer, from design to production, installation, on-site commissioning, equipment trial operation, and normal production. The planning, tracking service, accumulated a lot of practical experience, won the trust of customers with high quality product quality and service.
The manufacturers that use our company's core mold tube machine complete sets of equipment and supporting molds are:
Zhenjiang Haoran Zhenjiang Jiulong Zhejiang Taizhou Sichuan Suining Xinjiang Dahualong Korba State Korla Bayin Changchun Yuantong Guangxi Guigang
Guangdong Zhanjiang Fujian Yongding Yunnan Anning Shandong Jining Hubei Zhijiang (2 sets) Liaoning Shenyang Zhenjiang Sitong Inner Mongolia Chifeng Guangdong Gaozhou
Hubei Province, Jiangxi Ruijin, Shandong Tianyuan, Liaoning Beipiao, Harbin, Hunan, Changsha, Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Liaoning, Yingkou, Ningxia Yinchuan
Ningxia Qinglong Inner Mongolia Baotou Beijing Yuantong Liaoning Anshan ......
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