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Introduction of a new vertical vibration steel mold for small-diameter PCCP pipe (no need for personnel to enter the inner mold to open the door)
The new vertical vibration steel mold has the following advantages:
1. Good safety performance: the personnel do not need to enter the inside of the mold, and the single person can complete the opening and locking action in 2 minutes;
2. Energy saving and environmental protection: saving electricity (only one air compressor can complete production), no waste slurry;
3. High efficiency: vertical vibration molding of a die takes only about 10 minutes;
4. Convenient operation, less people, and low labor intensity: the vertical vibration process only needs 3 people;
5. Less investment: no need for the main machine, and the price of the vibrating steel mold is much lower than that of the centrifugal steel mold;
6. Good product quality: high density of the core, smooth inner wall, no empty drum phenomenon;
7. Good applicability of the process: It can produce PCCPE type die and broaden the market scope of PCCP pipe.
On April 30, 2014, our company signed an agreement with the Yangzhou Branch of CIMS Center of Tsinghua University to develop the product.
On July 12, 2014, Φ900 new vertical vibration steel mold and supporting spreader without personnel entering the opening and closing mold were successfully put into operation in Changzhou Longquan Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd., and Changzhou Longquan signed 18 sets of molds with our company. The contract (including 16 sets of PCCPL molds and 2 sets of PCCPE molds), after large-scale production and use, the production of the tubes meets the needs of customers, and the quality has been well received by users.
On August 27th and October 16th, 2014, Hubei Zhongnan Pipeline Co., Ltd. ordered a new vertical vibration mold and spreader of Φ900 from our company, which has a good effect.
On November 5, 2014, Xinjiang Guotong Tianjin Branch ordered the new vertical vibration molds, spreaders and tooling of Φ800 specifications PCCPL and PCCPE from our company. The effect is good.
On February 5, 2015, Shandong Water Pipeline Co., Ltd. ordered the new vertical vibration molds, spreaders and tooling of PCCPL and PCCPE with Φ600 and Φ800 specifications from our company.
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