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Φ600-1600 small spiral welding (production site of Tianyuan Construction Group)

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Brief introduction of complete equipment and steel mold development of prestressed steel cylinder concrete pipe (PCCP) production line
Precast concrete cylindrical pipes (PCCP) are the fastest growing high-quality high-pressure water supply and drainage pipes since the 1990s. Compared with ordinary pressure pipes, PCCP has excellent resistance to high external loads, high impermeability and high joint sealing performance. PCCP installation is quick and easy to build. Widely used in various domestic and foreign water supply, drainage and other pipeline projects. At present, China's annual use of PCCP pipelines can reach thousands of kilometers. The maximum internal pressure that PCCP can withstand is 2.5 MPa, the maximum soil depth is 20 m, and the design life is 50 years. PCCP is particularly suitable for large diameter pipeline projects. The maximum diameter of PCCP used in China is 4000 mm (the maximum diameter of PCCP used in the United States is 6400 mm), and the weight of a single pipe is 60-70 tons.
While the rapid development of PCCP in China, PCCP special equipment has also developed rapidly. Our company keeps pace with the development of the PCCP market and actively develops special equipment for PCCP pipe manufacturing. It is the earliest special equipment for producing PCCP tube in China. As one of the manufacturers, as early as 1998, it successfully developed the PCCP part of the special pipe-making equipment, and provided φ1800 and φ2400 PCCP equipment and steel molds for Shenzhen Sun Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Jingjiang Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd. . Circular arc machine, curling machine, rounding machine, flat plate welding processing equipment, horizontal winding machine, horizontal spraying machine and other complete equipment; in 2002, developed and produced vertical differential speed winding machine, vertical roller shooting tube Machine and other large-scale pipe-making equipment; in 2006, it provided a large number of high-quality equipment for the largest PCCP (diameter 4000mm) project in South China. In 2008, we jointly developed and produced small-diameter steel pipe spiral coil welding machine with scientific research institutions; developed and produced large-diameter steel cylinder spiral coil welding machine; A lot of PCCP. Host equipment and steel mold. So far, the company has obtained a number of patents for various pipeline manufacturing equipment (such as: ZL201410310881.7 for the steel plate to be welded at the steel pipe of the spiral welded pipe machine, a prefabricated pipe winding machine ZL200810195196.9, straight horizontal The transmission mechanism of the spraying machine ZL201420292257.4). The product design concept is advanced and the product performance reaches the domestic advanced level. Over the years, we have provided a large number of PCCP complete sets of equipment to nearly 100 domestic PCCP pipeline manufacturers. Steel molds; the products are sold well in China and exported to Egypt, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Canada and other countries and Taiwan.
PCCP equipment main users:
1. Xinjiang Guotong Pipeline Co., Ltd.
  (Liaoning Branch, Tianjin Branch, Sichuan Branch, Zhongshan Branch, Yili Branch, Harbin Company, Bohai Branch, Xinjiang Branch)
2. Shandong Longquan Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd.
  (Liaoning Branch, Henan Branch, Hebei Branch, Changzhou Branch, Liaoyang Branch, Boshan Branch, Anhui Branch, Jilin Branch, Hubei Branch, Xinjiang Branch)
3. Ningxia Qinglong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
  (Anyang Branch, Qingtongxia Branch, Tianjin Branch, Inner Mongolia Branch, Jikang Branch, Hubei Branch, Xinjiang Branch, Xinke Branch)
4. Beijing Hanjian Heshan Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
  (Liaoning Branch, Zhangzhou Branch, Yexian Branch, Anhui Branch, Jilin Branch, Hubei Branch)
5. Shandong Electric Power Pipeline Engineering Company
  (Liaoning Branch, Liaocheng Branch, Longkou Branch, Guangdong Branch, Jilin Branch)
6. Zhongshui Sixth Bureau Huazhe Open Source Pipe Co., Ltd.
7. Hydropower 13th Bureau Henghua (Zhangwu) Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
8. Wuxi Huayi Pipeline Co., Ltd.
9, Shenzhen Zhuocheng Pipeline Co., Ltd.
10. Anhui Julong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
11. Henan Julong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
12. Shandong Yuwang Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
    Shandong Yuwang Pipe Industry Hainan Branch
13. Tianjin Changtian Pipeline Co., Ltd.
   (Xinxiang Branch, Shexian Branch)
14. Hebei Construction Group Qianqiu Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
15. Jilin Electric Power Pipeline Engineering Corporation
16. Tianjin Zebao Cement Products Co., Ltd.
17. Nanning Hongji Cement Products Co., Ltd.
18. Kunming Pre-management Co., Ltd.
19. Jinan Shanshui Pipeline Co., Ltd.
    Zhoukou Shanshui Pipeline Co., Ltd.
20. Zhejiang Yuanbang Pipeline Co., Ltd.
21. Taiwan Guotong International Co., Ltd.
22. Xinjiang Dahualong Pipeline Co., Ltd.
23, Qingdao Rongyi New Building Materials Co., Ltd.
24, Tianyuan Construction Group Co., Ltd.
25. Hengrun Group Co., Ltd.
26. Shandong Woer Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
27. Qingdao Zhonghao Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
28, Yanggu Tianma New Building Materials Co., Ltd.
29. Yunnan Chuxiong Hengji Pipeline Industry Co., Ltd.
30. Nanyang Yulong Pipeline Co., Ltd.
31. Shenyang Yufei Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
32. Zhuhai Zhujin Anti-corrosion Engineering Co., Ltd.
33. Zaoyang Xinda Tongxing Building Materials Co., Ltd.
34. Zhijiang Exi Cement Products Co., Ltd.
35. Zhuzhou Yuhong Pipeline Co., Ltd.
36. Rizhao Bihaili Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd.
37. Changchun City Construction Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
38. Jilin Qingxu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
39. Hebei Xinghui Industry Co., Ltd.
40. Yunnan Shengbolong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
41. Ningxia Ningdong Cement Products Co., Ltd.
42. Fujian Zhengtong Pipeline Co., Ltd.
43. Ningbo Haogang Industrial Co., Ltd.
44. Baotou Jianlong Pipeline Co., Ltd.
45. Sichuan Haoyuntong Building Material Co., Ltd.
46. ​​Xinjiang Ligao Deyu New Technology Materials Co., Ltd.
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