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2011 China Zhengzhou International Cement Industry and Technology Expo

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011 China Zhengzhou International Cement Industry and Technology Expo and Zhengzhou International Construction Machinery, Construction Machinery and Building Materials Production Equipment Exhibition Time

011 China Zhengzhou International Cement Industry and Technology Expo and Zhengzhou International Construction Machinery, Construction Machinery and Building Materials Production Equipment Exhibition Time: June 17-19, 2011 Venue: Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Organizer: Henan Building Materials Industry Association Henan Province Silicon Salt Industry Society Henan Construction Industry Association Henan Provincial Exhibition Industry Chamber of Commerce "Zhongzhou Construction Magazine" Organizer: Henan Science and Technology Import and Export Corporation Zhengzhou Zhongmao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Media Support: HC Building Materials Network, Henan Building Materials, Cement Business News Net, Shengfeng Building Materials Network, China Equipment Network, Exhibition Window Network, China Mining Machinery Network, China Construction Machinery Network, World Factory, Construction Machinery Network, Building Materials Trading Network, China Hoist Machinery Network, Steel Structure Online Network, Green Building Materials Network, China Building Materials Market Network, China Building Materials Network, World Building Materials Network, Cement Yingcai Network, Equipment China Network,, 369 Exhibition Network, Qinjiayuan Network, China Inspection Network, China Exhibition Network, , China Manufacturing Trading Network, International Machinery Information Network, International Engineering Machinery Network, Hebei Mud net. Exhibition Overview: Zhengzhou, located in the hinterland of China, Jiuzhou Tongyu, north of the Yellow River, west of Lushan. It is a famous historical and cultural city in China, an excellent tourist city in China, a national garden city, and a national health city. An important railway and highway hub in the country. Zhengzhou holds hundreds of national and regional large-scale commercial activities every year. It is the best exhibition city in China and the most promising new city in China. Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center has been awarded the China Pavilion New Award. The Zhengdong New District under construction has a built-up area of ​​more than 50 square kilometers. The Central Business District won the title of “China's Most Investing Value CBD” at the 4th International Finance Forum. It has become an important regional central city in central China and even the whole country. The 2011 China Zhengzhou International Cement Industry and Technology Expo will provide the cement industry with a high-quality product display, product renewal, technical exchange, trade negotiation, brand promotion stage, based on the Central Plains, facing the world. This exhibition highlights industrial upgrading, highlights regional cooperation, product trading, technology trade, highlights the ecological and low-carbon economy, promotes the further expansion of the central region, accelerates the pace of new industrialization, and achieves sound and rapid economic and social development. Through this exhibition, the cement industry enterprises all over the world will understand the Central Plains and enter the Central Plains, and will go all over the country and go to the world through this exhibition. We will sincerely invite customers at home and abroad to participate actively with comprehensive, professional and perfect services! Exhibition scale: Exhibition area: 3,000 square meters International standard booth: 1600 professional buyers: 24,000 overseas buyers: 300 people (from more than 30 countries and regions) Exhibitors: ★ Construction machinery and equipment: Excavation machinery, Loaders, road machinery, compaction machinery, pile machinery, lifting machinery, road and bridge equipment, lifting and transportation equipment, graders, earthmoving machinery, rock drilling machinery, steel machinery, bridge construction machinery, asphalt mixing plant, asphalt Paver, drilling rig, pile driver, pile driver, various parts and accessories, maintenance inspection and technical equipment, etc. ★ Construction machinery and equipment: mixer, concrete pump, concrete pump, concrete mixing station, crane, tower crane, Construction lifts, drilling rigs, pile drivers, formwork, formwork repair machines, concrete batching stations, vibrating machines, steel bar cutting machines, bending machines, scaffolding machines, welding equipment and accessories, motors, testing equipment, control systems and software; Production equipment: building materials production and processing machinery, brick making machinery, sand making machinery, tile making machinery, Crusher, stone machinery, block/brick and tile equipment, curtain wall processing equipment, cement machinery equipment, glass machinery equipment, dry powder mixing equipment, crushing equipment, feeding machine, mixer, cement machinery, woodworking machinery, foaming equipment Fees: International standard booth 3 × 3 meters domestic enterprises: ¥ 5800 yuan / month (double opening plus 1000 yuan / month) Overseas enterprises: $ 1500 yuan / month (double opening plus 200 yuan / month) : Domestic enterprises: ¥600/m2 Overseas enterprises: $150/m2 Indoor light (36 square meters for rent, no exhibits)